Artist: Tobias Rehberger
Title: obstinate lighthouse, 2011
Medium: Aluminum, frosted glass, LED lights
Location: South Pointe Park, 1 Washington Avenue

Tobias Rehberger is a resident of Frankfurt, Germany and is an internationally recognized artist whose career began in 1990 and has had over 100 solo art shows in major museums and galleries throughout the world.

Rehberger’s Artist Statement states “For my art proposal within South Pointe Park I would like to give this very special gateway to the City of Miami Beach a symbol that not only marks the area and greets all the visitors that pass through Government cut every day by boat but also brings together some of the key attributes the city stands for: a vital zest for life; art and design; a sculpture, which is designed as a modern playful interpretation of a beacon; including the moving lights at the top. However, the function of the light is not to guide the ships but to greet all the visitors to the City with cheerful, multi colored lighting that underlines the lively spirit of Miami Beach.”

The lighthouse has a total height of 55 feet and is an iconic; gateway; colorful and accessible art project that will continue to further the City’s Vision Statement as “a Cultural Capital and an International Center for Innovation in Culture.”

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