Culture Crawl: May 16

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October 2023 - May 2024
The City of Miami Beach is working alongside some of the world’s best cultural institutions to provide a night of free, unique and unforgettable experiences. Every third Thursday of the month, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., Miami Beach will come alive with culture as various institutions and buildings open their doors to give you just a taste of what they have to offer. From backstage tours, exhibition openings, and free film screenings in the park, there will be something for everyone. All events are free unless otherwise noted.

The majority of the programming is accessible by foot and by bike, but we will also offer dedicated free trolleys that will drop you off and pick you up at our dedicated Culture Crawl stops – check out our monthly map to find your closest stop. Start where you would like and explore at your own leisure!

Let’s hit the street and get our monthly dose of culture! Tag us using @MiamiBeachNews on Twitter and Instagram to hop into our DM’s or use #CultureCrawl to be a part of the story on Facebook!

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Next Culture Crawl
Thursday, May 16
6 P.M. to 9 P.M.


Elevate Española
Española Way - East Corridor |
Trolley Stop: Washington Ave & 15 St
Heliotropic Seekers by Beatriz Chachamovits (March 2024 - May 2024)

Heliotropic Seekers features five brightly colored hanging plexiglass cutouts of various endangered species of fish and coral native to South Florida shores, including grouper, angel, grunt, blue tang and parrot fish joined by coral species such as elkhorn, pillar, staghorn, star, starlet and brain coral. The species overlap in various compositions, emphasizing the interdependence and diversity of coral reefs. Complementing the suspended cutouts is a mural painted in collaboration with students from Miami Beach Senior High School’s Painting 1 class.

Art Outside
Multiple locations throughout Miami Beach |
Self - Guided Tours
With works ranging from monumental sculpture, neon, to sound and video, and participatory artworks, Art Outside is a public art exhibition initiated by The Bass that offers residents and visitors the opportunity to see and experience a network of public artworks throughout Miami Beach.

The Bass Museum
2100 Collins Avenue |
Trolley Stop: Collins Ave & 21 St
Enjoy free museum admission from 6 PM – 9 PM

  • Impromptu: Pop-Up Performance at Miami City Ballet
  • RSVP required. Limited seating. Stay tuned for RSVP link!
    Performance at 6: 30 PM at Miami City Ballet, 2200 Liberty Avenue, Miami Beach, followed by complimentary wine selections by Dry Farm Wines at The Bass, 2100 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach.
    Culture Crawl to Miami City Ballet and back to The Bass for Third Thursdays.
    Kicking off with Impromptu, a series choreographed and performed by Mami City Ballet world-class dancers, and ending at The Bass with live cello, drums and more by trio – Philip Capuzzi, Simon Silva, and Frank Busta.

  • Listen & Lounge Night, featuring Capuzzi, Silva and Busta
  • Limited seating and standing room. No RSVP required.
    Complimentary museum admission, and wine selections by Dry Farm Wines.
    Inspired by Nam June Paik’s musical roots and TV Cello (2003), celloist Phillip Capuzzi, joined by Simon Silva, drummer, and Frank Busta, pianist and violinist, assemble for our latest edition of Listen & Lounge night in Social Assembly, a multipronged exhibition and flexible program to rethink and expand how we interact with and learn from art—and each other—in a museum setting. 

Holocaust Memorial
1933 Meridian Avenue |
Trolley Stop: Meridian Ave & 19 St
The Holocaust Memorial Miami Beach invites you to visit for a guided tour. You will also be able to watch the Holocaust Memorial's award-winning film that uses music, poetry, and storytelling to describe the Holocaust and the experiences of survivors.

The Jewish Museum of Florida-FIU
301 Washington Avenue |
Trolley Stop: Washington Ave & 3rd St
The Jewish Museum of Florida-FIU invites you to experience their open galleries this Culture Crawl.

  • Operation Moses | On November 19, 1984, Tudor Parfitt, an FIU professor, arrived in Sudan. He had been sent by the London-based Minority Rights Group to investigate reports that the Ethiopian Jews or Beta Israel as they called themselves, were being poisoned by Christian Ethiopians in the refugee camps. The camps had sprung up along the Sudanese-Ethiopian border to provide shelter for starving people fleeing the civil war and the Great Famine of 1983-5, which was a landmark in global humanitarianism. The Ethiopian Jews were known in Ethiopia as Falasha, a pejorative term meaning alien or exile.
  • Jews of India | India is known for its antiquity and modern high-tech. Spirituality and Bollywood swagger. Bustling cities and pristine nature. A cultural kaleidoscope that’s the world’s largest democracy. But what’s typically not known is India’s long history as one of the most hospitable homes in the Jewish diaspora. For centuries, its three distinct Jewish communities – the Cochini, Bene Israel and Baghdadi Jews – found a haven in which their traditions flourished. So too, they were among India’s great mystics, starred in the wildly popular film industry, served as mayors in major cities, and produced the country’s greatest military hero as well as its most celebrated English-language poet.
  • The Hate Around Us |Hatred is perhaps the oldest of human emotions, forming the basis of much of our recorded history since the biblical story of Cain and Abel. One particularly virulent form of hatred stands out for its uncanny ability to adapt to varying cultures and historical conditions: antisemitism, the hatred of the Jews. Sadly, despite the tremendous, unprecedented freedoms enjoyed by Jews in America, antisemitism has been preserved, and even nurtured among certain circles in American society. Florida’s constitution, written in 1838, protected its citizens’ freedom of religion. However, no constitution can protect people from individual bias, group bigotry or the arrogance of ignorant minds. As numbers of Jews increased in Florida, so did the discriminatory acts against them, especially during times of economic or social crises. The Hate Around Us takes the viewer through over 100 years of antisemitism in Florida through artifacts, photographs, and historical documents, culled from collection of The Jewish Museum of Florida-FIU and various private lenders.

Miami Beach Botanical Garden
2000 Convention Center Drive |
Trolley Stop: Meridian Ave & 19 St

  • 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM | Conversation in the Garden with Raymond Jungles and Matthew Whitman Lazenby
  • The new Conversations in the Garden series kicks off with Raymond Jungles, founder of the Miami-based landscape architecture firm Raymond Jungles Inc, and Matthew Whitman Lazenby, president and CEO of Whitman Family Development, owners of the Bal Harbour Shops. This evening on the Banyan Lawn will be moderated by architect, author, editor and curator Allan Shulman.
    The evening’s schedule will include cocktails from 6:30–7pm, and a members-only reception from 7:45–8:30pm.
    Free to attend • Please RSVP to reserve your seat.

  • 7 PM - 10 PM | Jazz in the Jungle with Jessy Diaz Quartet
  • An evening of jazz under the stars on the Garden’s lawn. Beverages available at the Botanical Bar and lite bites by Sotto.

Miami Beach Urban Studios - FIU
1618 Washington Avenue |
Trolley Stop: Washington Ave & 17 St

  • Washington Gallery & Design Gallery | 1618 Washington Avenue
    6PM - 8:30 PM | Because You Lived

    The exhibition explores the moving story of Fanny Wasserman, grandmother of Karla Kantorovich, who emerged as the sole survivor of her family following the tragic events of the Holocaust. At the tender age of fifteen, Fanny migrated to Mexico City, where she courageously built a new life for herself and now has 63 descendants.

  • 6PM - 8:30 PM | Miami Beach Visual Arts Gallery | 1602A Washington Avenue
    Featuring works from the FIU Student Photography Archive 1975 to the Present.

  • 6 PM - 8 PM | MBUS Pop-Up Experience | 1604 Washington Avenue
    BFA Thesis Exhibition - Graphic Design

O Cinema
1130 Washington Avenue |
Trolley Stop: Washington Ave & 12 St

  • 7 PM | The People's Joker
    This revolutionary DIY parody film and hilarious reimagining of the classic autobiographical coming-of-age story follows an unconfident, closeted trans girl as she moves to Gotham City to make it big as a comedian by joining the cast of UCB Live – a government-sanctioned late night sketch show in a world where comedy has been outlawed. As mainstream success eludes our heroine, leading her to unite with a ragtag team of rejects, misfits, and a certain love interest named Mister J, “Joker the Harlequin” is born again as a confident (and psychotic) joker on a collision course with the city’s fascist caped crusader. Vats of feminizing chemicals, sexy cartoon interludes, scarecrow psychiatrists, CGI Lorne Michaels, and psychedelic gender dysphoria all play supporting roles.

The Wolfsonian - FIU
1001 Washington Avenue |
Trolley Stop: Collins Avenue & 11 St

  • 6:15 PM | Latest Exhibitions Guided Tour
    For this month's Culture Crawl, learn more about The Wolfsonian's current exhibition Silhouettes: Image and Word in the Harlem Renaissance, Harry Clarke and the Geneva Window, The Big World: Alternative Landscapes in the Modern Era, and What's on the Menu during a free curator-led tour starting at 6:15pm.

The Art Design Project Miami Gallery
435 21st Street |
The Art Design Project gallery promotes the intersection of art and design, representing the work of emerging and established artists. The gallery curates physical and online art exhibitions, as well as pop-up exhibits and alternative engagements around the world, where patrons can purchase artworks directly from our art selection of the artists we represent, from our archives, or through our online art partners.

  • 6:30 PM - 9 PM | The Last Storm
  • Join The Art Design Project Gallery for a private viewing of The Last Storm. This group art exhibition features mixed media, paintings, photography, and so much more. Bring a friend and enjoy drinks and a live music performance.

Washington Avenue BID Miami Beach
555 Washington Ave |
Trolley Stop: Washington Avenue & 4 St

  • 6PM - 8 PM | Muhammad Historical Timeline Exhibit
  • The Washington Avenue Business Improvement District (BID) is celebrating a landmark tribute event honoring Muhammad Ali's unparalleled legacy, commemorating the 60th anniversary of his historic victory over Sonny Liston. As you enter the exhibit, you're greeted by a dazzling array of artifacts and memorabilia that chronicle Ali's meteoric rise to fame. Admire authentic boxing gloves adorned with his signature, robes that once draped his shoulders before stepping into the ring, and vivid illustrations capturing pivotal moments in his illustrious career.

The Lifeguard, Cafe and Restuarant
1423 Washington Ave |
Trolley Stop: Washington Avenue & 15 St
Permanent exhibition featuring Venezuelan artist, Edwar Simal Chang, who moved to Miami Beach eight years ago. Visitants can enjoy his biggest artwork of all 36 Lifeguard Towers of Miami Beach. In one place, visitors can realize the differences between all the towers.

2160 Park Ave #100 |
Trolley Stop: Collins Ave & 21 St
Visu Contemporary is proud to announce the opening of its new exhibition “Loaded” featuring sculptures by artist Al Farrow.
An accomplished sculptor in a wide variety of media, Farrow adopts the language of a particular historical period for his work, updating the imagery or material to make cogent observations about contemporary society. In recent years he has used munitions—bullets, guns, hand grenades, bombs—to make three-dimensional projects that resemble Christian reliquaries, Islamic mosques and Jewish synagogues. The surprising inventiveness and the technical tour-de-force of his craftsmanship are highlighted in his work. Farrow denigrates no one belief in his work, being mindful, respectful, discriminating, and probing toward all. His striking composite depictions of religious architectural structures are meticulously realized and perfectly scaled.
The gallery is just across the street from The Bass Museum in Miami Beach (22nd & Park Avenue).


    Normandy Fountain
    7802 Rue Vendome |
    7 PM - 8:30 PM | Visit Normandy Fountain for Culture Crawl Concert: Broadway Night with Area Stage! Shopping with Trunk Town Vendors is also available.
    Miami Beach Bandshell
    7275 Collins Ave |
    7pm | North Beach Social: FOOM!
    A hip-hop family of funky players, delivering a unique blend of rock, R&B, funk, jazz, rap.... best defined by FOOM! With humble beginnings as a “backing band”, FOOM! has grown into an eclectic blend of South Florida’s best artists, musicians and MCs featuring an ever-changing cast of characters. Whether listening to their music or catching them onstage, the band emits an infectious positivity and passion for excellence that results in an unforgettable experience. Opening set by Palomino Blond.


    Lincoln Road Business Improvement District
    Lincoln Road |
    Trolley Stop: Washington Ave & 17 St

    R-Evolution™ by Marco Cochrane
    Lincoln Road, the iconic outdoor shopping, dining and cultural destination situated in the heart of Miami Beach, announces the arrival of a monumental 45-foot-tall, 32,000-pound sculpture named ‘R-EvolutionTM’, that will glow in the sun and illuminate at night thanks with RGB LED lights. The towering nude female sculpture, which will be showcased on the East Coast for the first time ever, first debuted at Burning Man and was designed by Marco Cochrane, the artist behind monumental sculptures seen at the Smithsonian Art Museum and the $4.3 billion Resorts World.

    Living Art Festival
    Welcome to the mesmerizing world of the Living Art Landscape Festival! Prepare to be enchanted by a unique celebration that seamlessly blends nature, creativity, and imagination. This extraordinary festival is a captivating fusion of artistic expression and the natural world, where every corner holds a delightful surprise. Stroll and enjoy the reimagined landscape planters from Meridian to Washington on Lincoln Road. Five, local landscape designers provide their creative touch to these lush areas. From orchids to art installations, you will be enchanted with the natural footprint along Lincoln Road’s pedestrian walkway.

    Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden Self-guided Tour on Lincoln Road
    Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden has reimagined the landscape of Lincoln Road as a botanic garden, providing public, smartphone-accessible interpretation of the plants. Over 120 QR-coded signs are installed on trees, palms, and orchids (which number 1,250), connecting visitors to plant-specific information and media. The information can be accessed as a self-guided tour or as on-demand information about individual plants. It includes English and Spanish text, photos, and video. The tour focuses on the most notable elements of the historic Lincoln Road landscape, providing the name, origin, and significance of each plant. The most conspicuous and important plants are linked to descriptive videos created by Fairchild scientists. The interpretation allows Lincoln Road to function as a curated botanic garden. Enjoy.

    Habitat Hyett
    441 Lincoln Road

    Kfir Moyal Gallery
    933 Lincoln Road

    LUMAS Gallery
    737 Lincoln Road

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