North Beach: Beatlemania to Bad Boys

The culturally diverse and eclectic North Beach neighborhood has a relaxing and welcoming appeal with its open beach, luscious parks, winding walkways, tree canopies and mix of historic and modern architecture. This subtle neighborhood has a wealth of subtle filming locations, and have attracted productions such as Bad Boys III and music videos by the Jonas Brothers and Pitbull, recently shooting at the Ocean Terrace beachfront area. North Beach is also the site of some truly classic filming locations including the Deauville Hotel, where Beatlemania made landfall in 1964 and performed live for The Ed Sullivan Show (it is said the Beatles spent eight days a week in Miami Beach), while moving south to the 63 St Bridge, you’ll find the area used for filming many of the establishing street shots of Miami Beach in Coppola’s 1974 classic, The Godfather II.

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