Ecdysis: The outer generation of epidermis separating from a new, inner generation.
The International Inn on the Bay, 2301 Normandy Drive

Nick Mahshie’s work acknowledges the allure of both natural and manufactured surfaces, renegotiating boundaries between social spaces and natural environments. By building physical installations out of found and screen printed textiles, Mahshie exposes layers of opaque and translucent fabrics that play with optical illusion and actual perception. The work, in turn, interrogates the nexus of authentic connection and artificial experience, becoming allegorical in its reference to contemporary life in South Florida. 

Born and raised in Miami, Mahshie is a textile and print artist whose work sources tropical ephemera from natural and manufactured surfaces to reflect the sentimental nature embedded in pattern, color, and clothing. Mahshie’s work has been exhibited in galleries, gardens and artist-run spaces in New York, Chicago, Paris, Buenos Aires, and throughout South Florida. 

Photography courtesy of Oriol Tarridas

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