Artist: Nice’n Easy
Title:  Pooling Around
Site-specific installation, North Beach Water Tanks, 2019

In February of 2019, the City of Miami Beach invited professional visual artists to submit proposals for transforming the North Beach Water Tanks at 74 Street and Dickens Avenue into a piece of art. Following a review of proposals and credentials, the artist collaborative Nice’n Easy was selected.

Formed by artists Allison Matherly and Jeffrey Noble, Nice’n Easy is recognized throughout South Florida for their visually cohesive subtropical vernacular – referencing beach scenes, palm trees, tropical foliage and lounge chairs often rendered in soft neon hues. For the North Beach Water Tanks, Nice’n Easy was inspired by the pool culture of Miami Beach and created a larger- than-life swimming pool that wraps the entire circumference of the water tanks. The artists accented the top of the water tank with lounge chairs and pool furniture, creating a unique view of the artwork for surrounding residential apartment buildings and airline passengers.

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