Obstruction Immersion
Marseilles Beachfront Hotel, 1741 Collins Ave

Obstructed Flow

As artists, we are inspired to create work with underlying themes of consumption, environmentalism, and connection. These pieces aim to raise an awareness of our dependence on the vast and hidden networks of utility pipes in our modern world. While this infrastructure is necessary for modern societies, it also comes at a significant environmental cost that can cause conflicts between our neighborhoods via natural disasters and human pollution. Drainage pipes clogged with plastic bags, industrial sludge and human debris are common sites in our communities. Environmental agencies struggle to maintain these networks and those responsible are left unaccountable.

Obstructed Flow” is a series of sculptures meant to evoke these clogged drainage systems and is created using repurposed industrial pipes which are stuffed with recycled, painted and hand-dyed canvas strips. Notably, the cascading canvas in this series are purposely created with an aesthetic value in mind and their tactile quality invites physical engagement. One wants to reach out and feel their weightiness but here in lies the greater dialogue on our participation in what these are and what these materials really represent. There is a responsibility that needs to be accounted for and much like the veins of the body, these wall spouts are vital systems which when blocked, can be deadly to the overall system. 

As a special treat, The Marseilles Beachfront Hotel will offer guests and visitors a 15% discount on food and drinks at the Backyard Bar with special mention of the No Vacancy program! Stroll past the art, cabanas and stop for a drink or play some games in the backyard green.

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