Karelle Levy, Miami Beach, FL
Hand-knit Yarn
Plymouth Hotel Miami, 336 21 Street

The InterKnit: a world wide “web” that literally connects individuals through knitting and crochet. The Interknit is an ever-expanding interactive installation that encourages viewers to participate by adding their stitches to the piece adding to the real world wide web. As people connect more through their devices, the need for physical interaction and hands-on activities is more necessary than ever to balance the rise in technology and the need for a human connection. Plenty of research shows that craft activities promote the development of neural pathways in the brain that maintain cognitive health. Knitting and crochet have proven to induce a relaxed state that is associated with meditation and yoga. Once novices get beyond the initial learning curve, knitting and crocheting can lower the heart rate and blood pressure. Karelle and Eva are available to teach these skills to anyone who would like to learn.

Join Karelle Levy at her installation for a free, interactive, stitching session at the Plymouth Hotel.  This event adheres to social distancing guidelines and a mask must be worn by all participants.

December 2: 4 PM

December 5: 1 PM

December 9: 4 PM

December 12: 1 PM

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