Angle of Vanishing Stability (AVS)
International Inn On the Bay, 2301 Normandy Drive, Miami Beach, FL 33141

How far can one be pushed until passing the point of no return? Stability is the objective but it often becomes inherently a figment of our imagination. Whether it is one’s home, finances, environment, social circle, or health, all conditions represent a delicate balance where stability is desired but is difficult to gain. The Angle of Vanishing Stability is a term used in naval architecture to measure how far a ship can heal over before it capsizes completely. AVS explores this razor edge of equilibrium, finding the limit and learning to survive if all goes upside down.

This piece is comprised of a sailboat that is completely upturned, suspended 10 feet in the air solely by its mast. The artist had used this sailboat, Captain Winky, as performative platform for his practice through regattas and experimentations over the last 10 years. Patrons will be able to approach and experience the piece by standing underneath as well as viewing from afar. Through this encounter, viewers can wonder at the balance while contemplating their own stability.

Justin Hayes Long (b. 1980, Miami FL) addresses cultural phenomena related to his subtropical roots, often using irreverent humor and pop cultural signifiers to propose constructs of freedom and privilege, and abuses of power as it relates to the physical environment and capitalism. He is known for work that combines nautical history with the seafarer’s craft through sculpture, painting, writing, video, performative interventions, and structured installations. JHL holds a MFA from CalArts, Valencia CA, teaches sculpture at the University of Miami and is Production Manager for Fringe Projects Miami. Selected group exhibitions include those at The Fabric Workshop and Museum (Philadelphia, PA) the De la Cruz Collection (Miami, FL), and the New Wight Gallery (Los Angeles, CA). Selected solo exhibitions include those at The Bass Museum of Art (Miami Beach, FL), Emerson Dorsch Gallery (Miami, FL), and Art & Culture Center/Hollywood (Hollywood, FL). His work is part of private collections including the Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami, and he is a recipient of artist support grants including the Wavemaker – Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts and the Ellies from Oolite Arts. He lives and works in Miami, FL.

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