In Your Eyes, I Come Alive
Avalon Hotel Miami, 700 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, FL 33139

“The Sun is a major part of our lives. It is a constant and it connects all of us. By harnessing sunlight through site specific installations, artist Jessy Nite uses shadows to reveal messages and tell stories across cities.  Using its position in real-time, the Sun becomes the narrator, sharing playful but deeply rooted narratives that connect us to the environment and one another. The ever-changing nature of the work creates a new shared experience between the installation and the passerby each day.”

Jessy Nite is a multidisciplinary artist based in Miami, FL.  Specializing in interactive, experiential and site-specific installation, her bold narratives come alive through an array of pastel-colored typography, geometry and illustration.  Nite fabricates experiences using familiar and disarming imagery, giving audiences the freedom to interact and interpret her visuals for themselves.  This free-wheeling creative exchange is the product of context, structure and her underlying, controlled message.

Nite’s public works and installations have been commissioned by multiple cities like Vienna, Miami-Dade, Coral Gables, Asbury Park and Jersey City as well as global brands like Nike, Facebook, Instagram and Redbull.  She has exhibited across the US and internationally, most notably in NY, Miami, Los Angeles, London, Zurich, Vienna, and Bangkok.

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