Artist: Garren Owens
Title:  Urban Deco, 2007
Medium:  Cast iron
Location: Citywide

Garren Owens is a resident of Miami Beach. Some of his projects include the Art Deco Historic sidewalk medallions and the Pennsylvania Plaza paving design.

Garren Owens took inspiration from the design of the Manhole Covers from the surroundings and Miami Beach as his inspiration. The approach of the design of the Miami Beach manhole covers combines the three most unique and loved aspects of our beautiful city the sunrises, the ocean and Art Deco. The sunrise is that moment of tranquility at the beginning of each day. The ocean in Miami Beach has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Art Deco is perhaps what Miami Beach is most famous for, these exotic Art Deco motifs can be found throughout the Art Deco Historic District.

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