Artist: Franz Ackermann
Title:  About Sand, 2018
Medium:  Paint
Location: Miami Beach Convention Center, 1901 Convention Center Drive, South East Corner Exterior Walls


Franz Ackermann makes vibrant paintings and installations centered on themes of travel, tourism, globalization and urbanism.  Ackermann has created large-scale dynamic installations that are built up from individual components comprising paintings, drawings, photographs, wall drawings and sculptural, billboard-like constructions. The places he depicts have a generic quality, and yet they look strangely familiar: non-places where the traveler’s desire replaces the local culture.

About Sand extends from Ackermann’s long-running “Mental Maps” series. The “Mental Maps” series combines the factual precision of traditional street maps with the artists’ own interpretation of the local environment. Rendered in vibrant colors and abstracted forms of sand, hourglasses and roadways, About Sand is his impressions of the city’s tourism industry, commerce, urbanism and daily life.

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