Film & Print permits are required for individuals and businesses wishing to conduct commercial film, television, video, photography and all other media use projects taking place on public property, at residential locations, when City services are required, like reserving meters for production parking, or when productions may have an impact on traffic, residents and City services.


Citywide permits are the only permits that do not require an officer escort, with some exemptions at the discretion of the Film & Print Office. Miami Beach Citywide permits allow for small teams (typically twelve or less people in total) with minimal equipment (must be easily and quickly transported) to film on Miami Beach streets, sidewalks, City beaches and parks that do not require rental fees, assuming the production does not block pedestrian or vehicular traffic or impact private business or concessionaire without specific coordination. Equipment allowed includes camera, tripod, reflectors and battery operated lights. No generators or cabling allowed. No reserved or authorized parking permitted, including vehicles on beaches or parks. Miami Beach Citywide does not include residential areas, aerial or driving shots, which require additional coordination and permitting in the City of Miami Beach.

The Miami Beach Citywide Permit is the easiest most accessible way to film or shoot photography on our streets, beaches and parks. Used widely by reality shows, news package teams, host stand-up, man on the street interviews, fashion shoots, portrait photographers and of course, b-roll.




For any use of drones (or UAS requests) as part of your commercial filming activity, the City of Miami Beach follows FAA guidelines as follows:

For permitting consideration, please provide:

  • FAA issued pilot or operator license
  • Drone registration number
  • Pilot/operator’s insurance naming The City of Miami Beach, 1700 Convention Center Drive, Miami Beach, FL 33139 as certificate holder
  • Manufacturer detail showing weight of UAS to be less than 55 lb
  • Date and times of each UAS filming use
  • An overhead map showing the flight path/ vector of use for the proposed UAS filming area, including height from ground and projected speed with a notation of where the drone operator will be stationed.*

*When mapping the area, please keep in mind that the area of use must be free and clear of all general public during the use of a UAS for filming. Only the cast and crew hired by the production (and named under the worker’s compensation policy of the production) are allowed within the designated area as per FAA regulations, this includes use of streets, beaches, sidewalks and parks.

Securing an area for drone use can be done by hiring off-duty officers and possibly Ocean Rescue if appropriate. The Film office will review all requests with the production to determine staffing levels and may be able to recommend more affordable alternatives.




The City of Miami Beach offers complimentary permits! That’s right, free! We do not charge permit fees, square footage fees, usage fees or any other fee. You only pay for what you use a la cart, like meter rentals, and off-duty officers.

The Film & Print Office works quickly and collaboratively to help support and expedite all of your production needs. Permits are issued Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. We attempt to issue all permits within a few hours of all deliverables being submitted by the client. The more complex the permit request, the more time the client needs to complete the coordination. Citywide permits average about 2 days of coordination for first time applicants, but then can be pulled within a day. Larger permits that require police staffing and meter rental average 3 to 4 days. Any closures, driving shots, stunt work, drone work and regular residential uses, around 1 week. Of course it is always best to err on the side of applying with as much time as possible, to give some leeway.

Helpful Hint: You can review our Film and Print Guidelines here or give us a call at 305.673.7070 if you have any questions before submitting your request.


This agreement must be completed and submitted to the Film & Print Office before any permits can be issued. Indemnity agreements must be completed by the President or a legally authorized individual representative of the applicant. The Indemnity agreement must be notarized by a notary public which are found worldwide or in lieu of this, the company can place their government issued corporate seal. Please scan and send the Indemnity Agreement to the Film & Print Office via email and then you can place the original in the regular mail. Indemnity agreements are valid for 3 years. Please give us a call if you have any questions regarding the agreement 305.673.7070 or email .


The City of Miami Beach requires a Certificate of General Liability Insurance with a minimum coverage of one million ($1,000,000.00) dollars, or of equal value in foreign currency with the territory of the United States covered. The certificate must name the City of Miami Beach, 1700 Convention Center Drive, Miami Beach, FL 33139 as certificate holder and the City also needs to be listed as Additional Insured. If your company is required to carry Worker’s Compensation per State or Provence requirements, please also include proof of coverage.


Please use this free permit request if you are filming in the City of Miami Beach: City of Miami Beach Film and Print Online Permit request. Scroll to the bottom and create a login.

Please note that the City of Miami Beach and the City of Miami are two separate cities. If you wish to pull a permit for the City of Miami, for areas like Downtown, Wynwood and Little Havana and Little Haiti, please go to

Additional Considerations


 Productions requesting to park essential vehicles on the beach or sand (Hard Pack) areas of Miami Beach may purchase Vehicle Access Passes for each production vehicle that needs to access the beach including any catering vehicles. The passes require an off-duty escort at all times, the cost is 1st pass free and each additional $150. During the summer months from June through September, passes are half price as an incentive: 1st pass free, each additional $75. Please contact the Film & Print Office directly for more information 305.673.7070 or .


 The City of Miami Beach does permit for all residential Film & Print uses within City limits as per City Code, no matter the size of the production or the type of residence. Filming or shooting stills in a residential property without a permit is a code violation and can result in a citation being issued. Permittees will be given all instructions and guidance in how to coordinate a residential permit at the time of application. You can also call our office for more information before you apply 305.673.7070 or review our Film and Print Guidelineshere.


 If your request includes the general public, like a real concert with an audience that is being filmed (as opposed to a staged concert done only for the benefit of the camera without amplified sound and using casted extras), a Special Event Permit may be required. We realize that it may be difficult to determine which category your production will fall under, please call our office to discuss your proposed production so we can guide you to the proper department if necessary. If you would like to review the Special Event Permitting requirements, please go to .

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