In/Visible Men/d
Riviera Hotel South Beach, 318 20 Street

To dispel the notion that Black bodies are a blemish that needs to be removed, covered up or hidden from view, the artist created large-scale depictions of Black figures existing and otherwise taking up space, undisturbed in the very spaces where their presence has been seen by some as undesirable.

Christina Friday is a multidisciplinary artist who lives and works in Miami. Her portfolio features works on paper, murals, video, projections, sculpture, illustration, photography and more recently, curating and activism through social practice. Incorporating a chalk and blackboard aesthetic, which plays on the idea of learning and being taught, Friday investigates themes of Identity, Race, Gender, Sexuality and the effects of popular culture and mainstream narratives on the perceptions of Black bodies. Identifying problematic perspectives and their origins, questioning their legitimacy, and offering possible solutions is priority in her work. Friday received her Master of Fine Arts degree in 2020, and her BFA in 2015 from New World School of the Arts.

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