Thomas Bils

Painting studio and exhibition space

430 Lincoln Road

Open to the public by appointment. All visitors must wear masks.

My vision for this project is to activate the space through traditional canvas painting in a way that presents challenge and transparency to the studio-to-exhibition process. The project will begin on the first open house with an all white room, minimal equipment and three-six ambitiously sized canvases hung on the wall depending on the size of the space. The aesthetics of this beginning point will represent the potentiality of what’s to come and the monastic “white cube” that most gallery/museum settings are known to be. As Open House continues I will be there on a regular basis working on the blank canvases to completion. I believe it is necessary to inform that, due to work constraints, I will often not be available before 3:00pm. I’ll maintain an open-door/open-window policy and be more than happy to engage with any curious onlookers who come in to ask questions. With the linear nature of the project I would encourage them to return regularly to watch how representational painting progresses and to feel as a part of the process. On completion of the work the space will be transformed from a studio into a gallery. All of the equipment will be removed and the walls restored to their previous white, identical to the state of the opening of the project. The only difference is that the blank canvases from the beginning will now be completed paintings, and the space will have the window decals and help desk as associated with a professional gallery space. An opening reception will be announced and the exhibition will remain open with regular hours to be determined between myself and the property owner. In the end, people will get to witness an alternative exhibition model. Instead of bringing studio work to the gallery, the gallery will be brought to the studio work.

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