Victory over the sun #15, nov 2021
Site intervention, projections, acrylic, paper, the Betsy Orb and Alley
The Betsy, 1440 Ocean Dr

“I embody my own perspective for I am no longer a seeker of truth”. I synthesized my unique vision by embracing all disciplines into one, creating a reality that matches my desire to evolve. I conceive environments for the practice of observation, with whimsical colorful elements that inspire both play and dialogue. (Monika Bravo)

Victory over the sun #15 is a site intervention to be viewed both from the busy alley through the windows, and the inside, offering different perspectives between night and daytime. It activates and intervenes in an existing, furnished, space in disuse and surrounding surfaces. The passerby is enveloped in a playful set of elements like plexiglass, wood, arranged to project light, color and movement. After dusk, 3 projections on glassine paper and textile will bleed out on the next-door walls.

By using light, color and shade as materiality Monika creates a mesmerizing experience expanding from the space into the alley way, integrating the traffic generated by the Betsy Orb. Monika is able to create a landscape, an emotional universe, into which the viewer can immerse and have a sense of belonging. The fragments, reflections and lightfall speak to us about the power of community, interrelationships, perspectives and dialogue. Some shapes refer directly to the Bauhaus typeface created by Josef Albers, as abstract reminders of core values in colorful compositions, brought to life by Monika in the space. The experiential piece is ephemeral like we are, it is evolving like we are, it has specific needs as we do, it speaks diversely and connects to others differently depending on their point of view.

The title of the work makes reference to the Russian Futurist opera premiered in 1913 with the same name Victory over the Sun. The opera has become notable as the event

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