Justin Long

YáLE Beach Club

438 Lincoln Road

Open to the public by appointment. All visitors must wear masks.

YáLE Club Social is an alternative space in the truest sense. Opening in February 2016, YáLE has provided a space for artists to have their first show or experiment with something new.

YáLE Club Social is an evolution from a series of alternative spaces founded by Justin H. Long in Miami. Beginning in 2009 by borrowing spaces in the Design District, Long looked to produce shows that did not fit with in the conventional means while acting as a safe zone away from commercial pressures allowing artists and curators freedom in all aspects. 2011 saw the opening of 2 spaces, the Little River Yacht Club with wild, interactive shows and More Funner Projects with a series of shows strictly from artists residing outside of Miami. In 2014, while working at the Bakehouse Art Complex, Long was allowed the freedom to curate without having to worry about keeping the lights on through which he created the Swenson Shots series. Over the course of 16 months, Swenson Shots produced 23 shows in a modest 350 sq.ft. gallery space.

YáLE began after Long left the Bakehouse and through a desire to continue to offer experimental space. After hosting 5 shows in 2016, 4 of which were first time solo shows in Miami, YáLE fills a void between the gallery and museum system, a real by artists for artists endeavor.

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