Jenna Balfe

Sound and Matter, Sound Installation and Dance

1622 Washington Avenue

Open to the public by appointment. All visitors must wear masks.

Sound and Matter is a movement and musical interactive experience designed for an audience of limited social interaction. There are two aspects to the project. An ambient piece will be written to the pitch of the room, and a score will be drafted and performed by an ensemble for two evenings. Visitors can navigate between (not play) the organs to change their perspective of the sound and visual orientation within the environment. There will be a limited amount of audience per show due to Covid-19 restrictions.

During the day on two days, the site will be activated by performance artist and dancer Jenna Balfe. The organs will be used to create a musical arrangement that the dancers will respond to in a narrative based performance that will reference the sounds being created while adding to the composition using physicality, vocalization and usage of the space itself. These performances are interactive (in a socially distanced manner) and will invite willing audience members to become a part of the narrative and soundscape.

On days that the site is not activated by the artists, there will be a melody left to play on the organs. Visitors will be allowed to interact with the space as they please but not touch the organs that are left to play. There will be two organs that are left specifically for the public to play at their discretion and join the piece.

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