Miami Beach Urban Studios – FIU in collaboration with curator Yi Chin Hsieh and visual artist Juan Requena

Video Installation (20 min.)

431 Washington Avenue, Tuesday – Thursday 4pm-midnight

Friday – Sunday – Starting at 4pm and running continuous through Sunday midnight

The Sunset Archive project presents a video titled Galaxy View by artist Juan Requena. The video was shot in the first-person perspective, collecting sunset scenes for years at a beach in Mumbai, India. The artist placed a camera on a small remote-controlled car and monitored it at Bandra West, Mumbai, documenting the sunset. While enjoying the view from far, the video also walks us through piles of garbage and encounters with wild animals at the beach, providing the audience multi-perspective views and thoughts on environmental issues, urban lifestyles, mental stability, and more. In the artist’s words “The video pays homage to the lush but fragile, threatened natural resources of this region.”

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