Magnus Sodamin

Path of the Panther

Miami Beach Regional Library: 22nd St, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Open to the public during library hours.

Magnus Sodamin highlights the complex relationship man has to the elusive and endangered Florida wild cat in this work titled “Path of the Panther.” The Florida panther prints in the work are presented to heighten awareness of the importance of preserving critical lands at risk of being developed within the Florida Wildlife Corridor, a statewide network of private and public lands critical to the Florida panther’s recovery. 

Molding fragile panther tracks in the wild and transferring them to concrete panels to be immortalized, created an ironic yet realistic relationship between image and medium as the panther’s habitat is rapidly being lost to pavement. The process of discovery, surprise, and presence all contributed to the realization of these paneled works. 

The artist collaborated with the Path of the Panther, a National Geographic Society supported initiative advocating for the conservation of the Florida panther’s habitat.

Exhibition space is generously provided by the Miami-Dade Public Library System.

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