Artist: Kevin Arrow
Title:  Beatles Mandala (Amor=Love), 2014
Medium: Glass ceramic tiles
Location:  Bandshell Park, Collins Avenue and 73rd Street

Kevin Arrow is a resident of Miami Beach. Music and visual culture are a constant source of inspiration for Arrow’s artistic creations.

A Mandala is a sacred space, or diagram to envision the world. In one sense, it can be viewed as an architectural drawing of a celestial realm.

The Beatles Mandala (Amor=Love), commemorates the 40th anniversary of the arrival of the Beatles to Miami Beach. In February 1964, the Beatles visited Miami Beach briefly in order to appear on the Ed Sullivan Show. During their stay, they stayed at the Deauville Hotel located near Bandshell Park.

The Mandala project is specifically a two hundred square foot ground level glass tile mosaic.  The design is bright and colorful constructed with thousands of pieces of glass tiles set upon a concrete base.

The Beatles Mandala (Amor=Love), project is an homage to the visual world of The Beatles. Their mythology, song and record covers art references are embedded in the design.

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