Jason Aponte


Painting studio and exhibition space

430 Lincoln Road

Open to the public by appointment. All visitors must wear masks.

On average, a person sleeps 230,000 hours in their lifetime. Out of this, 2 hours per night are spent dreaming. This immense amount of time in a person’s life, is largely ignored and unexplored. I suffer from a sleep disorder that induces hypnagogic hallucinations and on many occasions, vivid or lucid dreaming. These hallucinations can be a frightening experience for myself and for others close to me, but I have found power in these dreams. From a young age, I have learned to control them on some level, but there are times when they take over. This body of work created over the last three years explores this dream world, to help me understand their meaning, but more importantly to allow them to change the perspective of my conscious life. The components of these dreams come together in ways that are abstract, but create a new mythology in their context that often express ideas of religion, sexuality, fears and desires that are not always apparentin my conscious experiences. These works are often created using traditional materials such as oils, gouache, and charcoal, which allow the opportunity to make a tangible expression of these visions, I find unique.

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