Dinorah de Jesús Rodriguez


Interactive Process Installation

7409 Collins Avenue

January 21 – February 20, 2021

This project speaks to the understanding that most of earth’s flora and fauna are migrants by nature, and the process of migration is a natural extension of the constant movement of our planet. The installation proposes a botanical laboratory and therapeutic observational facility in which the artist attempts to root cuttings of live tropical plants outside of their native soil, as an homage to the process of “rooting” in a new environment as a migrant.

The rooting process will be supported through therapeutic enhancements such as light and sound therapy, as well as therapeutic slideshows and videos. The entire process will be documented and shared with the public via videos, slideshows, and sketches that will evolve continuously over the course of one month while new developments are exhibited in the windows for the benefit of the local community, so the window is also a living laboratory.

*Open to the public by appointment. All visitors must wear masks. To schedule a viewing appointment, contact the artist directly via Twitter or Instagram @mujer_cita_mia or text 786.223.6596

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