Carolina Cueva

Artist Studio and Exhibition Space

7409 Collins Avenue

Open to the public by appointment. All visitors must wear masks.

Through the Miami Beach Open House artist program I hope to expand on my latest body of work which consists of sculptures made from a combination of clay, plaster, and collage. I would like to use the space as a studio and for community gatherings/events which will be open to the public during select times that safely allow for physical distancing.

My artwork will explore themes of displacement, culture, and identity. I want to reconsider the complexities that exist in Peru’s historical and cultural landscapes through the lens of my personal narrative. I will also be building an outdoor and indoor installation of an altar, which is inspired by a ritual from my home country of Peru. This altar will be a community altar, where people from the community will be able to add personal pieces to the altar. This will create a sense of building connections with the people that live/work in the area of the space. It also will encourage us, as a community, to explore ideas of collectivity and inclusivity outside of a traditional gallery space. My hope for this project is that the surrounding community has a place where they can creatively express their thoughts and feelings, especially during these turbulent times that affect everyone.

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