Bas Fisher Invitational

Waterproof, temporary exhibition

644 Collins Avenue

Open to the public by appointment. All visitors must wear masks.

Bas Fisher Invitational (BFI) is a nomadic exhibition platform, staging site-specific projects across South Florida by artists with deep connections to the region. In 2020 and 2021, BFI’s primary curatorial program is WATERPROOF MIAMI, a series of exhibitions that address Miami’s precarious ecological position, it’s vulnerability to sea-level rise, and it’s many possible futures. WATERPROOF MIAMI adapts BFI’s nomadic model into an environmentally focused platform for climate advocacy through close collaboration with Bridge Initiative, which brings artists and scientists together to create informed, impactful artworks that offer opportunities for action, outreach, and engagement.

For Open House, BFI creates a temporary exhibition space for their WATERPROOF Projects. Each project in the WATERPROOF program brings a different approach to collectively shifting culture.

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