Words to Sea
Hotel Croydon, 3720 Collins Ave

Words to Sea immerses visitors in a contemplative atmosphere of calm mindfulness and self-reflection. The interactive experience guides guests through a moment of focused gratitude and fosters inner balance as they consider their fragile ocean surroundings. The focal point of the Words to Sea installation is an artist’s book printed on water-dissolvable paper with eco-friendly plant-based ink. Each page contains a short affirmation, intention, and mantra about self-care and our environment. Viewers are invited to remove pages from the book and release these words into the nearby ocean. This ceremonial moment allows for a pause to breathe and set intentions of gratitude and positivity.

A dynamic panel system made of recycled cardboard accompanies the installation. Configured as a wave pattern within the hotel lobby, this constructed environment illustrates both sunrise and sunset. A sound bowl meditation ceremony will serve as an opening reception commemorating this thoughtful installation.

Keeley’s  art engages the semiotics of print, the textual form, and the interpretation and architecture of language. She re-contextualize these elements to revive them to visually transcend the limits of speech. Her work is multidisciplinary and transmits in synchrony with a variety of mediums: from installation, sculpture, book works, and printmaking to participatory pieces, design collaborations, and site-specific public interventions, and organizing print-based opportunities for fellow artists and designers alike.

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